The 'Eureka' Moment:

Picture this: a brand-new family of three, a tight budget, and a sweet baby girl with sensitive skin. Her eczema flared up with just about everything, except one magical material – bamboo. But, why did all those bamboo PJs on the market come with such a hefty price tag? And the cheaper options? Well, they left a lot to be desired.

That's when the light bulb moment happened – I knew I had to create something better, something affordable, and something perfect for sensitive skin.

  • A Brand That Speaks to Moms Like Us:

    I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed my laptop, and dove headfirst into the world of baby wear, even though I had zero experience. Why? Because I knew there were other moms out there just like me, looking for eco-conscious, non-toxic, and sensitive skin-friendly options that wouldn't break the bank.

    I wanted to create a brand that didn't play the markup game with buzzwords like "ethical," "organic," "non-toxic," or "chemical-free." Instead, we let our products speak for themselves, delivering quality and affordability without the fluff.

    From Baby's Needs to a Brand with Heart:

    Demi's sensitive skin needs were the spark, and my determination was the fuel. It wasn't just about solving a problem; it was about creating a solution for families like ours.

    The Name Behind the Brand:

    As for the name "Poppy and Rows," it's more than just words – it's a story. Demi, our little eczema warrior, got her nickname from those early pregnancy days when she was no bigger than a poppy seed. We may not have named her Poppy, but it's a name that's stuck with us.

    "Rows" is pronounced as Rose, which happens to be her middle name. It's also a nod to my maiden name, Rowsell. It's a reminder of where we've been and how far we've come.

    Our Vibe: Playful, Neutral, Organic, Trendy

    In a nutshell, that's us – Poppy and Rows. Playful, because we believe clothing should be fun. Neutral, because our designs are versatile and perfect for every adventure. Organic, because we're committed to non-toxic materials for sensitive skin. And trendy, because, well, who doesn't want their baby to be the trendiest one on the block?

    Join us on this journey as we continue to create baby wear that's as lovable and unique as your little ones. Together, we're redefining baby wear – one comfy, ethically made outfit at a time.